Milk Protein Concentrate

Fonterra (MPC) Milk Protein Concentrates are dairy proteins which are isolated from fresh skim milk by a process of membrane filtration. They are excellent sources of both native casein and whey proteins rich in bound calcium and are ideally suited for applications where functionality and flavour are critical. Milk Protein Concentrates are ideal for a large range of applications. Fonterra manufactures a range of Milk Protein Concentrates MPCs are available in a range of protein concentrations from 42% to 90% depending on the protein, lactose and mineral levels required.

Suggested Applications

  • Cheese products
  • Cultured products
  • Dairy based beverages
  • Cheese milk extension
  • Aediatric nutrition (e.g. infant formula)
  • Medical nutrition (enteral foods)
  • Weight management products
  • Powdered dietary supplements
  • Sports nutrition products

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